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2023 CLC 1171 Producing of document in statement of counsel --- Legality --- In the present case the relevant Jamabandi , copy of khasra gurdawari , copy of application as well as impugned gift mutation were produced in the statement of counsel for the beneficiaries / respondents , as such the

2023 CLC 702 A reading of provision of S.145 CPC clearly reflects that when a person becomes surety for performance of any decree or its part, or restitution of any property taken in execution of decree or payment of any money under an order of the Court in any suit or

Whether the Court can de-exhibit documents?The expression of deexhibit is not defined nor mentioned in the Code of Civil Procedure. Although Rule 3 of Order XIII empowers the Court that it can reject irrelevant or inadmissible documents but it is not the intention of legislation to remove the documents from

2023 MLD 654 Suit for specific performance of oral contract----Failure to provide essential details with regards to oral sale---Creditability of witnesses---Suit instituted by respondents/plaintiffs/was unanimously decreed by courts below---Appellants asserted that neither any oral sale transaction was settled nor consideration was received, rather false fictitious and concocted story was planted

PLJ 2022 Cr.C. (Note) 11 Medical evidence------It is by now well settled law that medical evidence may confirm, ocular evidence with regard to seat of injuries, nature of injuries, kind of weapon used in occurrence, but it would not connect accused with commission of offence.

2002 CLC 655 Qanun-e-Shahadat (10 of 1984)--- ----Arts. 76, 77 & 159---Document, production of---Issuance of notice for production of the document---Requirement---Scope---Where a party seeks to rely upon a document which is in the possession/control of the party entering the witness-box, the recourse may be had to the provisions of Arts.76, 77 &

2022 MLD 818Under section 47 of the Registration Act, 1908 the document operates from the date of its execution inter se the parties i.e., the date from which the parties intended it to operate and not from the date when it is entered in the register of Registrar.

2005 C L C 658 Qanun-e-Shahadat (10 of 1984)-------Art. 71---Evidence---Signature or writing, proof of---Modes enumerated. Following are modes to prove signature or writing:-- (i) By calling the person who signed or wrote the document. (ii) By calling a person in whose presence the document was signed or written. (iii) By calling a handwriting

2022 SCMR 550 Promotion---Merit---Competent authority is bound to consider all eligible candidates for promotion on merit---In the matter of civil service, there should not at all be any instance where the competent authority is found to be accommodating any one civil Servant for grant of promotion by not considering or ignoring

PLD 2022 SC 119Constitution of Pakistan, Art. 188---Split decision of Supreme Court in its review jurisdiction---Majority and minority judgments---Scope---In case of a split decision (where there is dissent by one or more members of the Bench), the majority judgment is the judgment of the Supreme Court in terms of Art.