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Jugment of Islamabad highcourt 2023 MLD 654

2023 MLD 654 Suit for specific performance of oral contract—-Failure to provide essential details with regards to oral sale—Creditability of witnesses—Suit instituted by respondents/plaintiffs/was unanimously decreed by courts below—Appellants asserted that neither any oral sale transaction was settled nor consideration was received, rather false fictitious and concocted story was planted to usurp the valuable land—Validity—Imperative for respondents to specifically provide essential details with regard to oral sale transaction—Time, date, venue and names of witnesses were to be specifically provided so as to prove when, where and before whom alleged oral transaction was effected—Object behind said principle was to subvert the gate of frivolous litigation besides to discourage the production of shocking as well as surprising evidence—Perusal of record affirmed that neither time, venue nor names of witnesses were provided in the plaint which alone was fatal to non-suit the respondents/ plaintiffs—Evidence on the part of plaintiffs was inconsistent, uncertain and variable, which was not enough to prove the alleged oral transaction Waqar and Waqar Law associates Best Law firm Lawyer in Islamabad Legal services in Islamabad Best lawyer in Islamabad Best Lawyer in Rawalpindi Best Family Lawyer in Islamabad Best family Lawyer in Rawalpindi Best lawyer for child custody case Company registration services Best civil lawyer in Islamabad Best civil lawyer in

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