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2023 MLD 654 Oral Sale---Proof ---Best witnesses---Held---Vendors, who by transferring their shares had already stood with the plaintiffs could be best persons to support their stance, but they were withheld, therefore under Art. 129, illustration (g) of Qanun-e-Shahadat, 1984, hostile inference was to be drawn that had they been examined, they

2023 CLC 702 A reading of provision of S.145 CPC clearly reflects that when a person becomes surety for performance of any decree or its part, or restitution of any property taken in execution of decree or payment of any money under an order of the Court in any suit or

2022 MLD 731Maintenance , re-fixation of---Determining factor---Financial status---Principle---Family Court had exclusive jurisdiction relating to Maintenance allowance and matters connected therewith---If the granted rate for per month allowance was insufficient/inadequate, institution of fresh suit was not necessary, rather the Family Court may entertain any such application---Court may increase/decrease the Maintenance after

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