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Police Assistance

Matters involving the Police are dealt with by our Criminal Lawyers. In Pakistan, everyone has a right to an attorney, so when engaging a Criminal Lawyer in Pakistan, always make sure that they are willing to go to every agency involved in your case, as our lawyers are.

Policy Lawyers Services

Policy Lawyers Services. Legal consultation in Islamabad Rawalpindi

Our lawyers can assist you with filling out relevant applications to relevant departments, along with giving your testimony for evidence. If you are not in the country, then our attorneys can act on your behalf (to their maximum capacity) with a Power of Attorney. Call us: 03338923729

We verify all our panel members (lawyers and law firms) and ensure that your matter is dealt with professionally and swiftly. That’s why people come to Waqarandwaqar law associates to find trusted Law Firms in Pakistan.Call us: 03338923729

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