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Best Civil and Criminal Lawyer

Best Civil and Criminal Lawyer : A Comprehensive Guide

Unlike some other law firms in Pakistan, we understand that litigation is not always the only option, but is one of many options available to companies as part of their offensive and defensive strategies. We view litigation as just one part of our clients’ broader business missions. We work with our clients to develop a strategic litigation plan that supports the underlying business objectives, ensuring that the strategy remains appropriate throughout the duration of each case.

Whether you are involved in a minor dispute that requires a quick resolution, have been threatened with a lawsuit by a competitor, or are seeking to enforce important rights, we approach each case with an emphasis on efficiency, legal sophistication and effective advocacy.

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Litigation has been an important recognition of Waqar and Waqar since its inception. Today, Waqar and Waqar is one of the few law firms with a fully-fledged and experienced litigation department. Our extensive legal knowledge, effective litigation techniques and pragmatic approach have enabled us to build an excellent track record in legal cases. The firm’s reputation for courtroom victories also helps position clients for favorable settlements.

Waqar and Waqar handles cases from lower courts/district courts to the Supreme Court of Pakistan.Waqar and Waqar also offers a number of alternative billing arrangements to better meet the litigation needs of our overseas customer base.

Civil Lawsuits

We represent a number of government agencies as well as individual clients in civil proceedings. Our area of ​​representation extends from the Supreme Court to the High Courts, National Consumer Disputes Forum, District Courts for Consumer Disputes Forum, Consumer Disputes Forum, Company Law Board and various other tribunals. We provide assistance in service matters, corporate matters, Employees’ Provident Fund matters, recovery matters, consumer protection matters, property matters, contract matters and public interest litigation.

Criminal Law Disputes

We represent our clients in criminal cases at various courts and forums. We provide services in the areas of Bank/Financial Institution Fraud and Counterfeiting, Intellectual Property Rights Violation, Cyber ​​Laws, Piracy, Counterfeiting, Check Dishonor, Criminal Breach of Trust, FEMA Violation, Narcotic and Drug Offenses, Customs and excise laws, General criminal laws namely bail, trial, evidence, suspension of sentence, appeals, revisions, quashing of FIR and criminal orders.

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