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PLD 2022 ISLAMABAD 120 S. 491---Constitution of Pakistan, Arts. 9 & 199(1)(b)(i)---Constitutional petition---Habeas corpus, writ of---Custody of child---Scope---Jurisdiction of a Court adjudicating a habeas corpus petition in relation to a child cannot be confused with an ordinary habeas corpus petition where focus of Court is on recovery of the person illegally

2022 CLC 563 S.3 Arts.113 & 120 ---Specific Relief Act (I of 1877), Ss. 42 & 54---Limitation, determination of---Jurisdiction of Court---Respondent-plaintiff filed suit for declaration and injunction in which he claimed to be owner in possession of suit land on the basis of an agreement to sell---Suit filed by respondent-plaintiff was

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PLJ 2022 Islamabad 200 Present: Aamer Farooq, J. MUHAMMAD SHAHBAZ SHABEER--Petitioner versus ADDITIONAL SESSIONS JUDGE and others--Respondents W.P. No. 3035 of 2022, decided on 22.8.2022. Constitution of Pakistan, 1973-- ----Art. 199--Writ petition--Criminal Procedure Code, (V of 1898), Ss. 435/439 & 167--Request for further remand--Turned down--Criminal revision filed by state, was allowed and petitioner remanded in police custody

PLD 2022 Lahore 773Criminal Procedure Code (V of 1898)-------S. 154---Information in cognizable cases---Scope---Registration of FIR is not a condition precedent for commencement of investigation. ----Ss. 154, 156 & 157---Information in cognizable cases---Investigation into cognizable cases---Procedure where cognizable offence suspected---Scope---Receipt and recording of an information report is not a condition precedent to

P L D 2022 Supreme Court 699 Civil Procedure Code (V of 1908)-------S. 9---Constitution of Pakistan, Arts. 4 & 199---Matters within jurisdiction of Special/Administrative Tribunals---Limited jurisdiction of Civil Courts---Scope---When a special tribunal is found to have acted not in accordance with the law under which it purportedly acted, its act does

P L D 2022 Supreme Court 112 (a) Criminal Procedure Code (V of 1898)-------S. 497---Withdrawal of first bail petition without any arguments---Second bail petition, filing of---Fresh grounds---Scope---Withdrawal of an earlier bail petition before addressing any argument on the merits of the case, does not preclude filing of a subsequent bail petition

اگر ملزم نے مستغیث کو رقم کی مرحلہ وار ادائیگی کیلیے ایک ہی وقت میں مختلف تواریخ کےچیک جاری کیے ھوں تو ان چیکس کے ڈس آنر ھونے پر ان تمام چیکس کی بابت صرف ایک ھی ایف آئی آر درج ھو سکتی ہے اگر ان میں سے ایک چیک

2022 CLC 433Ss.2 & 54---Punjab Land Revenue Act (XVII of 1967), S.42---Punjab Land Revenue Rules, 1968, R.34---Suit for declaration andinjunction---Oral Gift ---Proof---Suit was filed by respondent/ plaintiff assailed mutation of Gift made in favour of petitioners/ defendants on the plea of fraud---Trial Court dismissed the suit filed but Lower Appellate

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