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2022 YLR 2383 Thumb - impression expert , report of --- Evidential value --- Opinion of expert was always a weak type of evidence and was not that of conclusive nature --- Expert's testimony recorded in the case in hand could not be treated as substitute of available direct evidence ---

P L D 2021 Supreme Court 362 Qanun-e-Shahadat (10 of 1984)-------Art. 164---Importance of modern forensic techniques and science under the criminal justice system explained. -Importance and admissibility of DNA evidence to establish the guilt or innocence of an accused.-Concept of DNA evidence as the strongest corroborative piece of evidence explained. DNA evidence/report, Per-se

2022 MLD 818Under section 47 of the Registration Act, 1908 the document operates from the date of its execution inter se the parties i.e., the date from which the parties intended it to operate and not from the date when it is entered in the register of Registrar.

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2022 S C M R 528 (a) Constitution of Pakistan-------Arts. 184(3) & 190---Administrative Committee of the Supreme Court, functions of---Implementation of directions/orders of the Supreme Court passed in its jurisdiction under Art. 184(3) of the Constitution---Nothing in law prevents the Supreme Court to hold administrative meetings with concerned agencies/functionaries to ensure

PLD 2022 Lahore 773Criminal Procedure Code (V of 1898)-------S. 154---Information in cognizable cases---Scope---Registration of FIR is not a condition precedent for commencement of investigation. ----Ss. 154, 156 & 157---Information in cognizable cases---Investigation into cognizable cases---Procedure where cognizable offence suspected---Scope---Receipt and recording of an information report is not a condition precedent to

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