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2022 SCMR 448Ad-hoc employee---Seniority---Seniority in the grade to which a civil Servant is promoted is to take effect from the date of regular appointment to a post in the grade---Services rendered by the employees on ad-hoc basis prior to their regularization cannot be counted for the purpose of their seniority

PLJ 2022 Islamabad 200 Present: Aamer Farooq, J. MUHAMMAD SHAHBAZ SHABEER--Petitioner versus ADDITIONAL SESSIONS JUDGE and others--Respondents W.P. No. 3035 of 2022, decided on 22.8.2022. Constitution of Pakistan, 1973-- ----Art. 199--Writ petition--Criminal Procedure Code, (V of 1898), Ss. 435/439 & 167--Request for further remand--Turned down--Criminal revision filed by state, was allowed and petitioner remanded in police custody

PLD 2022 Lahore 773----Civil and criminal litigation proceeding simultaneously---Scope---Object of civil proceedings is to enforce civil rights of the people while the purpose of criminal proceedings is to punish the offender for committing an offence.

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