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2022 MLD 731Maintenance , re-fixation of---Determining factor---Financial status---Principle---Family Court had exclusive jurisdiction relating to Maintenance allowance and matters connected therewith---If the granted rate for per month allowance was insufficient/inadequate, institution of fresh suit was not necessary, rather the Family Court may entertain any such application---Court may increase/decrease the Maintenance after

PLD 2022 ISLAMABAD 120 S. 491---Constitution of Pakistan, Arts. 9 & 199(1)(b)(i)---Constitutional petition---Habeas corpus, writ of---Custody of child---Scope---Jurisdiction of a Court adjudicating a habeas corpus petition in relation to a child cannot be confused with an ordinary habeas corpus petition where focus of Court is on recovery of the person illegally

PLD 2022 Lahore 773Constitution of Pakistan--- ----Art. 199---Criminal Procedure Code (V of 1898), Ss. 561-A, 249-A & 265-K---Constitutional jurisdiction---Quashing of FIR---Alternate remedy, availability of---Effect---Jurisdiction of the High Court under Art. 199 of the Constitution is extraordinary and should be invoked only when there is no adequate and efficacious alternative remedy---Generally speaking,

2022 MLD 1378 Specific Relief Act ( I of 1877 ) --- --- S.12 - Suit for specific performance --- Non - payment of balance sale consideration --- Effect --- Respondents filed suit for specific performance of agreement to sell against vendors alleging therein that they had settled the sale with

Suit for specific performance was filed by the appellant alleging that he purchased the land owned by the respondent through other respondent being the attorney / agent of respondent ; that the appellant had paid amount of Rs.75,000,000 / -to respondent through delivered to the appellant but the sale deed