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2022 SCMR 550 Promotion---Merit---Competent authority is bound to consider all eligible candidates for promotion on merit---In the matter of civil service, there should not at all be any instance where the competent authority is found to be accommodating any one civil Servant for grant of promotion by not considering or ignoring

2022 SCMR 448Ad-hoc employee---Seniority---Seniority in the grade to which a civil Servant is promoted is to take effect from the date of regular appointment to a post in the grade---Services rendered by the employees on ad-hoc basis prior to their regularization cannot be counted for the purpose of their seniority

P L D 2022 Supreme Court 112 (a) Criminal Procedure Code (V of 1898)-------S. 497---Withdrawal of first bail petition without any arguments---Second bail petition, filing of---Fresh grounds---Scope---Withdrawal of an earlier bail petition before addressing any argument on the merits of the case, does not preclude filing of a subsequent bail petition

2022 S C M R 1360 Cross examination , right of --- Scope --- Right of cross - examination struck down by Trial Court due to non - appearance of counsel on several dates of hearing --- Constitutionality --- Fundamental right of fair trial which the Constitution guarantees is violated if

2022 CLC 513It is noticed that the petitioners have allegedly been deprived of their legitimate right of inheritance through alleged gift deeds and it is the case of the petitioners built in their plaint that they got the information about transfer of the properties in January, 2015 when they obtained

The learned Judge Family Court declined to fix interim maintenance allowance of the respondent-wife as it had yet to be established, whether she was living apart from her husband due to his fault or on her own free-will without justification. The main grievance of the petitioner is that order of

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